Visions Business Park


This picture shows the 21 acres available in Visions Business Plaza. The picture was taken at the corner of Greene Street and Visions Parkway, west of Adel.

This picture was taken standing on Visions Parkway facing southwest. This picture shows a glimpse of the 21 acres available.   

This picture features the office for BASE. The land available in Vision's Business Park is to the west of the BASE building.

This picture shows the back side of the property. On the right hand side are the 21 acres along Visions Parkway. The white building on the left is the Dominion Building Products facility.

This picture shows the land available behind Dominion. There are approximatley 7 acres available for light industrial manufacturing.

This picture is facing south on Visions Parkway. Here we can see the available land for business/commercial.



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